19 April 2023, 20:00
Museum ‘t Kromhout, Amsterdam


Katharina Gross – composition & performance
Ria Marks – stage directing
Wouter Snoei – live electronics


The performance The Runaway Girl is based on the autobiographical book “Ein Kind” by Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard (translated into Dutch by Ria van Hengel, published by Uitgeverij Vleugels under the name “Een kind”), in which the complexity of Bernhard’s relationship with his mother is expressed.

The Runaway Girl tells the story – in contrary to the book – from the perspective of Bernhard’s mother who – unintentionally pregnant after an affair – “escaped” to the Netherlands to give birth to her child.

Bernhard’s literary principles, such as constant repetition of words and specific text rhythms, also find their way into Katharina’s composition/performance.


Photos by Jasper Grijpink

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