A solo performance with cello and voice,
around a woman and her emotional states

“Ik word heen en weer geslingerd tussen mijn gevoel, mijn verstand en de immer aanwezige geaccepteerde waanzin. Tussen het lokkende licht en het zwarte gat, waar de afgrond magnetisch lokt. Al deze sensaties maakt Katharina Gross bij mij los als ik naar haar première van Sehnsucht tijdens de Cello Biennale 2020 kijk.” (Cees Franke)


“I am tossed back and forth between my feelings, my mind and the ever-present accepted madness. Between the luring light and the black hole, where the abyss magnetically lures. All these sensations Katharina Gross elicits from me when I watch her premiere of Sehnsucht at the 2020 Cello Biennale.” (Cees Franke)


Sehnsucht is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.
I was working on Sehnsucht at the Van Doesburg House in Paris during my artist residency 2020, supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL and the Mondriaan Fund.


Sehnsucht – a feeling that can lead to depression but can also stimulate creativity
Sehnsucht is a performance in three scenes showing a woman and her feeling states, embodied by Katharina Gross and her cello and inspired by mythological stories, depth psychology and literary works by Plato, Ovid, Ingeborg Bachmann and Terézia Mora.


Flyer Sehnsucht

Flyer Sehnsucht DE

Premiere on 26 October 2020 at the Cello Biennale Amsterdam

Katharina Gross – music, text, performance
Ria Marks – stage directing
Wouter Snoei – sound
Brechtje Kat – voice coaching

Photo: Lucas Kemper


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