For Pitch Dark, Gross & Marinissen created new work, spinning the musical plot for a performance in which light effects and objects made by Giny Vos are the actors. In a pitch dark theatre, the senses are provoked in an interplay of sonic, optical and spatial impulses.


Cello, electronics, percussion and field recordings give rise to a feeling of intimacy and elusiveness. The Sarabande, a musical migrant, passes through the performance. Rob van den Broek built a 12-string cello especially for Pitch Dark. The light scenes are inspired by the neurophysiological effects that sometimes appear in your vision: the images, afterimages, and movements you see with your eyes closed.


Katharina Gross & Arnold Marinissen – concept, music
Giny Vos – concept, visual art


premiere: 11 November 2017, festival November Music
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Pitch Dark is supported by: Amsterdam Fund for the Art (AFK), Mondriaan Fund, Performing Arts Fund NL and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds